Fractal Photographer

The best fractal rendering app on Windows 10

The most amazing shape in nature. Infinitely detailed. Literally.

Have you ever seen the Mandelbrot Set? If not, then this app will allow you to explore this mathematical object and discover some of the most mind-blowing patterns in nature. There is no other shape as diverse and as mesmerizing as the Mandelbrot Set.

Get ready, set, render!


Fractal Photographer comes with a wide array of carefully designed color schemes to create inspiring images. To keep the experience fun, beautiful and clean, the app is both free and ad-free.


How would you like to use your fractal art? Whether as a wallpaper, part of a publication, or just to show to friends, Fractal Photographer allows you to create render high-resolution crisp images.

...on any Windows 10 device!

Fractal Photographer is built for both desktop and tablets. You can navigate the deep patterns - pan, rotate, zoom - with mouse or touch!